• For the relocation, please ensure that should you pack your belongings yourself that this is done in boxes and/or sizeable pieces for our movers. Please avoid small items (if it can be packed in a box please do so). The boxes which you use must be those which can be closed – no banana boxes as they can’t be stacked upon each other. 
  • If you have rented moving boxes with us, then they must be returned within 30 days post the relocation. You can also keep the boxes if you wish. They are professional two-ply system boxes and cost € 3.75- per box.
  • If you have agreed to a mandate where we charge per hour, take into account that we will charge you for a call out fee in addition to the hourly rate.
  • You can settle the relocation fee by means of cash, per pin, or through a payment link known as a ‘Tikkie’ as soon as the relocation is completed. We also use down payments so as to confirm your relocation which is deducted from the price.
  • Should you cancel your booking, then you are unfortunately subject to losing your down payment as we then have to contemplate a ‘gap’ in our planning with staff and vehicles.
  • We are not liable for low/poor quality of window frames, house façade, balcony’s, window railings or shaky/faltering fixation thereof.
  • Should we disassemble any items, please provide us with an accurate description of them during the process of your booking. 
  • The removal of lamps, lights fixed on ceilings, walls and floors are not part of disassembly. This also applies to other electrical items like washing machines etc. This is due to items affiliated with electricity and water. An electrician and/or plumber is needed for these items should they be complex.
  • If you are helping us during the relocation, then we are not responsible nor liable for any items which we relocate together with third party individuals (non OrangeMovers personnel).
  • We also are not responsible/liable for damage (both material or physical) induced to whom/what where we collaborate together with third party helpers of the client.
  • Should you be relocating from or to an apartment with a lift, then this lift needs to be at the disposal of the movers during the relocation. Announce this to neighbors. A lift which is not or only temporarily at our disposal can cause significant delays where we reserve the right to re-calculate the total sum of the move.
  • Should a relocation occur through the elevator within the building, but items do not fit in it, then we are not responsible/liable for possible damage to the stairway in that building. The stairway is only used if items do not fit through the lift. As a client you are responsible for measuring any items which do not fit in the lift and to inform us here of so that we are adequately prepared. 
  • Have you incurred damage during the move? Please note this during the relocation. This enables us to claim through the insurer. Insurers will neglect the claim if this is done post relocation as it becomes difficult to confirm liability. Should you have packed boxes and bags yourself, then the contents are also not covered by the insurance as their contents have not been assessed prior to the relocation. In almost all similar cases shall the insurance company neglect the claim except if damage occurs directly related to handling of items by our movers.
  • The insurance policy caters for a current value coverage. Please also check your residence contents insurance as they usually also have a relocation clause capsuled so that despite any situation you are properly covered.
  • Should a permit be necessary for the relocation then additional costs apply for the permit and processing it. This also applies for parking costs. These too are additional and will be charged out on top of the relocation fee.